BC Summer games 1st cut

On my last post I talked about the BC Summer Games. A couple days ago the coaches told us who made it to the next tryout. There is still a long way to go because they still have a lot more people to cut. I made it through the first tryouts I was really happy when my coach told me! There was around 100 people trying out for the north Island team. The coaches took 25 people from the 100. There is another tryout coming up soon for the 25 people who made it. They will cut more after that. While all this is going on the South Island team  is trying out to make it one the same team I want to be on. After the cuts from the upcoming tryouts the north Island and the South Island tryout together. The coaches haven’t told us about what happens after the North Island and the South Island tryout together. I wish everybody luck if you tryout for something!