Skiing down hill

skiingMy favorite  place in the winter is the mountain because you are above the clouds and you are breathing fresh air. My family goes night skiing a lot because it is cheaper than day skiing. the two chair lifts that are open for night skiing are the whiskey jack chair lift and the green. I like the whiskey jack better because it is harder than the green and longer. There are trails going off into the trees that are challenging with  hidden jumps. A couple of trails are really hard when you come out because there is a big jump at the end that you don’t expect. I really like going really fast down the hill and hitting big jumps. After a while me and my family go into the food place and grab pizza. I love there pizza it’s the best pizza ever and each slice is really big ! At the end of skiing I am ready to sleep.eteela's                     






Image: Ski jumping 2 By eteela’s       

Why I Like To Blog

I really like blogging because you can connect with people in the world and get really great comments from them. I also like how i can write posts about anything. It’s a really great place that you can write about random stuff of important stuff. Other peoples blogs is a great place to read about what they like of things they want to write about. I really like reading other peoples post and finding things in common.

For me when I write about things on pen and paper I really get bored easily but when I write posts on the computer I write way more. With write post so much my typing has improved a lot i used to be a really slow typer but know i am doing way better!

I love having that feeling when I fished what I had to write about. I really like it when my teacher gives us a post that we have to do because if you forget to write it your way be hind in your blog sometimes so it really keeps me on task.

Thats why I like Blogging ! bye

Cool Things To Do

things to do1. Going up the mountain and skiing or snowboarding with friends.

2. Reading a great book somewhere that you like to be.

3. Grabbing a soccer ball and kicking it around out side with family or friends.

4. Swimming at lakes, rivers, beaches and pools are a great way to spend summer time or go to indoor pools in the winter.                                   Image bored children By: zen’s

5. Having friends come over to have a sleep over and watching movie together.

6. Finding a great trail to bike or walk/run on and having a great time with friends.

7. Taking your dog for a walk by yourself or with a friend.

8. Phoning a friend to talk to and or asking them if they want to hang out. 

9. Getting supplies to make a craft with friends or family to make awesome crafts.

10. Cooking to make something awesome to eat.