Every day I ask myself what is friendship ?

Friendship is not a big thing

It is a million small things

friendship can last a lifetime

or not at all

True friends help you through the bad times

And just want to make you laugh through the good times

Friendship will sometimes fade but memories will

last  forever

Finding a true friend is like finding a needle in a haystack

It can be hard but it is not impossible

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10 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Hey Rebekah:D
    That poem is true. It is hard to find a true friend but I found them. It was hard though, I went through alot of others to find them but I did. I hope all of them last a life time. 🙂 I don’t have one best friend that I can always count on I have a lot. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one. Friendship is a huge part of my life I dont think I could live with out them.

  2. Hi Savannah, You are right I dont have one best friend I have a lot. It can be pretty hard to find them but it is possible.

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  4. I love the last line where it says “Finding a true friend is like finding a needle in a haystack. It can be hard but it is not impossible” Its a really good line for a poem and you put it in the right place. It wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t at the end. You made a great poem!
    I agree with both of you on not only having one best friend. I have more than one and have had more than one. Some years I only have one but others I have lots. It depends how well you get to know the person and how well you want to know them. Some people just aren’t right for your best friend but others fit perfectly!

    I LOVE the poem! You are a great writer!

    ~ Lizzie

  5. I love the poem.I think it is very true. friendship is hard to find but when you do it sometimes lasts forever. i had a friend last year in primary school that i thought we would be friends forever. but then she picked a fight with me over something so small i didn’t think it was worth fighting about. Anyway she went away and i haven’t spoken to her for a while. Also I had a friend who i thought we would keep in touch (we don’t) we are still friends but she doesn’t contact me much which i find really sad.=[. this year i have found a really good friend but she is a year younger then me. I hope i don’t loose her as a friend becaue she is grade 6 and i’m grade 7. Our class will be speaking to you on friday( our time) can’t wait for it. Keep blogging!!!! 😛

  6. @ Rebekah

    Hi Rebekah! I love that poem so much! Did you make it yourself? I think it was put together well and I just loved to read it. It is really true that finding a good friend is hard but it is worth it. My favourite line was “It is a million small things” and those little small things do count so much! What is your favourite line?

  7. I really liked what you said about friendship. A lot what you said about it I agree on.
    I loved how you used symbolism in your paragraph. Your picture fit in perfectly with your blog. This was fantastic and I loved how you wrote it.

  8. Jess I have a lot of friends that proised that they would keep in touch but I sent emails I phoned but they didn’t really care. I have A really good friend one year younger than me to she’s really awesome ! I really hate it when people fight over tiny things it really bugs me. Thanks for the comment !

  9. ptolemy Thank you for the comment and the encourgement. I really liked the the picture to I thought it fit in with the post perfect.

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